Monday, November 23, 2009

LensBaby Composer

I bought the LensBaby Composer the other day. It is an amazing lens for my Sony A-100. I got it the other day and have finally had a few minutes to take it out and experiment. I was having trouble getting it to work with my camera, but I just changed the settings to shutter to fire even when lens is not attached. (Go to menu second screen under shutter) The alpha was just not recognizing that a lens was attached. The Lensbaby is a fully manual selective focus lens. It is so fun to play around and get different effects.
I took a few shots of some planes at the museum, I really like what I got. I can't wait to take some portraits with it to see what sort of fun effects will emerge. As with anything new, it takes time to learn the tricks. This is no exact science. It is great to get out and just try something new. The lighting seems a little tricky to me, but I am sure with some practice I will be able to get it right.

If any of you photographers out there have any tips to share about the LensBaby Composer, I would love to hear them. I also love to browse the LensBaby photos on Flickr. If you have some to share leave me a comment!