Thursday, March 10, 2011

Canon Sd 940 is. Good or Bad?

I have been a loyal canon user since my first point and shoot.  I love the ease of a pocket camera.  I still use my DSLR for getting the perfect settings.  However, the small canons have been my go to camera since our little whirlwind came to town.  He is fast, and I need a camera that is just as fast.  When I first got the sd940is I really liked it, except sometimes it made the indoor pictures look really strange when on the auto setting.  One of the selling points of the camera was that in the auto mode it would select the scene setting for you.  Which sounds good when it is on paper, but it just doesn't perform as other canon elphs that we have owned.  This is the third one in a 10 year stretch of fabulous picture taking.  I don't like the sd940 now though.  It is slow, and the zoom just starts zooming when I depress the shutter button.  The indoor pictures are extremely blurry, unless we are using the flash.  I love the look of natural light, but the camera just won't let that happen indoors.  Outside it does a decent job, on a cloudless day and when the sun is shining bright.  I need something that will be more reliable.   I am on the hunt (again) for a point and shoot that can do everything.  Any suggestions?  I need one that has video capability (one of the reasons we choose the sd940).  We have to have video of our munchkin.  I write this because I need some input, and if there is anyone out there, please tell me what you think.

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